Window seat

Window seat -
«Switzerland is so perfect»
Michael and Janet Horsley, 74,

Grüezi! Are you waiting for the train?
Yes. Our train is travelling up to Arosa in around 30 minutes.

Where are you from?
We’re from Derby, in the English Midlands. It’s really close to Nottingham where Robin Hood comes from.

And what are you doing in Chur?
We’re on a one-week coach trip through Europe – Belgium, Austria and Switzerland – and today we are off to Arosa by train. We wanted to go in the winter, but we thought it would be too cold.

It’s nice in the summer too! So this is the first time you are travelling with RhB? What are you expecting from your journey?
Yes, that’s right. We are in Graubünden for the first time and are now excited about our trip to Arosa. The view and the landscape are supposed to be beautiful! We find Switzerland generally so clean and perfect …

Thanks, a lot of tourists say that. Have you been to Switzerland before?
We were once in Lucerne, with its lovely lake, but that was more than 30 years ago. We couldn’t travel as much when we were younger unfortunately – which is why it’s great that we have the time for it now as pensioners. We hope we can come back soon.

And how are you finding your bus trip generally so far?
Oh, it’s great – although a little tiring. We’re always up early and have a pretty full itinerary. Which is why we are particularly looking forward to the train journey up to Arosa – just sitting back, looking out of the window and enjoying ourselves!

Sorry, can we just ask you where you’re off too today?
Of course! We’re going from Chur to St. Moritz on the Bernina Express.

Oh, so you will be seeing a good part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
That’s right! We’re looking forward to that. We’ve been wanting to see these viaducts and man-made structures for a while.

So you are genuine rail fans?
Rail enthusiasts more like. We’re fascinated by rail technology and just want to see the historical buildings against this wonderful backdrop for ourselves.

It’s great when you can go on a trip during the week …
Yes, this Tuesday we both have a day off – so it’s the perfect day to be on the road but a little off the tourist trail.

Is this the first time for you on RhB?
Let’s see … we are often on the train but on RhB – no, I don’t think we’ve been on one of their trains. This is our first time!

So you are not from the area?
No, we are from Central Switzerland, as you can probably tell from our accent. We’ve actually been on the way since eight this morning: the train from Küssnacht am Rigi to St. Moritz takes four hours, so we are more or less spending today on the train!

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