We proudly present

The new articulated Alvra train

The new articulated Alvra train - We proudly present

'Alvra' is Romansh for 'Albula'. It is also the name of a region in the Swiss canton of Graubünden through which the Rhaetian Railway winds on the UNESCO World Heritage route. As of summer 2017, six articulated Alvra trains will frequent this unique track.  

The six articulated trains are set to be introduced in stages on the Chur–St. Moritz track, offering impressive views of the 62-kilometre-long Albula Line: for example, from the photographers’ viewing area, in which six electric panoramic windows and sunroofs with electric shutters provide unhindered views of the sections of the route between Preda, Bergün and Filisur – some of the most spectacular in the world. 90 seats are available for 1st class passengers, 217 for 2nd class passengers as well as 13 folding seats and four spaces for wheelchairs. Low-floor access, extra-wide doors, sliding steps and two wheelchair-accessible toilets will enable disabled passengers to travel in comfort, while children can enjoy RhB’s first play area including slide in the leisure section. The six new trains mark the start of Rhaetian Railway’s strategy to renew its rolling stock: in addition to the articulated Alvra trains, six of the latest 'Ait 578' control cars will be acquired. The train will thus be pulled by a locomotive from Chur to St. Moritz and then pushed back again in the same formation. This will save a great deal of time, as there will no longer be any need to uncouple the locomotive and shunt it from one end to the other.