"The perfect place for a day out"

Window seat: Sabrina Meister

Window seat: Sabrina Meister -

"The perfect place for a day out"
Sabrina Meister, age 26, relaxes at Engadin Bad Scuol.

Hello, can we ask you how you travelled here to Engadin Bad Scuol?
As a trainee with RhB, by train of course! It was a beautiful ride: Graubünden is looking its absolute best today – lush green in the Prättigau area and summery mountain landscapes in the Lower Engadin.

Aha, does RhB send all its trainees off for a spot of wellness?
No, it doesn’t. But I’ve heard a lot about the baths here in Scuol and with the RhB’s spa package you even save 20 per cent on rail travel.

And how do you like it here?
It’s wonderful, so many different pools and massage jets – not to mention the sauna complex. And the views of the Engadin mountains are unbeatable. The perfect place for a day out.


What bit do you like best?
I really love the bubble jets, the feeling of being gently massaged by little air bubbles. Or the steam bath, where your body really relaxes. And the brine bath here has a particularly nice atmosphere.

Do you often enjoy a spot of wellness?
Sadly, I don’t go regularly, although I always really enjoy it. Especially with my friends: there’s nowhere better to enjoy a chat than in a hot tub – fully relaxed.