"It’s lovely – with green all around"

Window seat: Claudia Stöckler

Window seat: Claudia Stöckler -

"It’s lovely – with green all around"
Claudia Stöckler, age 26, travelled by RhB from Chur via Filisur to Bad Alvaneu.

Hello! May we briefly interrupt your relaxation? Do you come here often?
No, this is the first time I’ve visited Bad Alvaneu.

How did you come across it? Judging from your dialect, you’re not from these parts …
That’s right. I’m from Austria, but have been living in Chur for the past year gaining work experience at RhB. This little spot of relaxation here is my going- away present.


Oh, that’s really nice! And how do you like it here at Bad Alvaneu?
It’s lovely – surrounded by so much green! And even though it’s cool, and perfect bathing weather, there aren’t too many people around. Besides, the baths are very easy to get to by train and bus – and the journey here really is wonderfully impressive!

Do you regularly enjoy a spot of wellness?
Now and again, especially when the weather’s cold. What could be nicer than treating yourself to a massage or relaxing in a hot tub?

Then you’ll probably also like Engadin Bad Scuol – there’s even a spa package ticket available.
Good to know! I’ll actually be abroad for the next few months, but maybe the next time I come to Graubünden …