We proudly present

Stiva Retica: the country inn on wheels

Stiva Retica: the country inn on wheels - We proudly present

What better way to travel through the mountains? The wooden dining car, a spot of mountain cheese and farmhouse bread accompanied by a drop of fine wine make a trip in the Stiva Retica, the country inn on wheels, an unforgettable experience.

Sitting in a traditional country inn enjoying the local specialities is one of life’s pleasures. And there are plenty of them in Graubünden. But one in which you can admire the Alpine panorama as it glides past – that’s unique: the Rhaetian Railway’s Stiva Retica is both a cosy pub and a panoramic car at the same time. Of course, the country inn on wheels has everything any self-respecting hostelry has to offer: Swiss pine cladding, a Stiva bar, a 'Stammtisch' for the regulars, seven tables each seating four people, plus a fridge, coffee machine and CD player. Your hostess creates a fun atmosphere during the trip, serving up your choice of food – something rustic like mountain cheese, farmhouse bread, local beer and wine from Graubünden estates – and coordinating the programme. Because anyone can take the floor in the Stiva Retica: magicians, musicians, caricaturists or comedians can all be added to the booking. The charter coach travels all over the Rhaetian Railway network, except on the Bernina Line between Pontresina and Tirano. So now there’s nothing to stop you from planning a fun outing with good friends. Yippee!