By the light of the full moon

Snow-covered landscape by moonlight

Snow-covered landscape by moonlight - By the light of the full moon

When the sky grows dark and the full moon slowly rises above the horizon, that’s when the Bernina Express sets out on its moonlight trip. In December, January and February, it travels by the light of the full moon from St. Moritz to Alp Grüm.

Of myths, fairies and merriment
The observation-car train chugs gently as it winds its way past the eternal ice of the Morteratsch Glacier. The imposing yet charming landscape of the Bernina Range draws past the window, illuminated by a single light source – the moon. And the on-board guide sends passengers off on a journey of the mind – with memorable stories, anecdotes and legends. There’s the story of the Palü cat that followed mountaineers all the way up to the summit. And the myth of the beautiful fairy who lived by the "lost mountain", Munt Pers, and liked to bathe in the waters of the Lej da la Diavolezza. Much to the delight of the young hunters who none too carefully followed her – upon which she disappeared for ever.

«Where does the greeting “Allegra” actually come from? From the saga of the “Trais Fluors” (three flowers), in which the fairy Flurina gave the people who lived in the valley three flowers: the “Pigna” (stove) was to protect them from the cold, the “Vivanda” (food) stilled their hunger, while the flower named “Allegria” (happiness) brought a smile to their faces.»
Saga from Engadin

Glacier fondue at 2,091 metres above sea level
The Bernina Express has almost reached its destination; the full moon is reflected on the jet-black surface of the Lago Bianco. The train climbs the last few metres before coming to a standstill and the passengers step outside into the fresh Alpine air. The restaurant Albergo Alp Grüm is situated at 2,091 metres above sea level – where you can almost reach out and touch the sky. Guests enjoy a drink of mulled wine, white wine or punch and tasty party food on the panorama terrace or in the cosy restaurant. Owner Primo Semadeni and his team then serve a glacier fondue, which seems to taste especially good by the light of the full moon. One visitor form Fribourg, Bernhard Aeby is full of praise: “Of course, we citizens of Fribourg are experts when it comes to fondue. But we have to pay the people of Graubünden a compliment: this fondue is really good!” There’s a green salad as starter and a delicious sorbet as dessert. And if you don’t like fondue, you can choose pizzocheri, the buckwheat noodles that are a speciality of the Valtellina region.

«It’s really great to be treated to drinks and nibbles. I wasn’t expecting that – everything throughout the entire trip has been wonderfully organised.»
Käty Diethelm, passenger on the trip by the light of the full moon

The Bernina Express becomes the Classic Express
After dinner, the observation-car train starts making its way back to St. Moritz. But the experience is not yet over: the head of the train crew turns out the lights, the full moon appears up close, classical music plays and passengers enjoy the idyllic views over a “nightcap”. Herman Bauder, a travel agent from Germany has this to say about the travel experience in which he took part: “Everyone is delighted. We’re all blown away by the food, everything on offer, the entire journey. We have no complaints whatsoever. The atmosphere on this trip is unique!"

The next dates
The trips run on the day of the full moon and one day before and after. The unique panoramic journey lasts from 6:15 pm to 11:15 pm and travels from St. Moritz to Alp Grüm and back.




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*Poschiavo – Alp Grüm – Poschiavo from 6:40 pm to 11:30 pm
For further information visit www.rhb./fullmoon

Adults CHF 87.00
GA travelcard/half-fare card/children CHF 73.00
The trip will take place regardless of the weather. Reservation required.

Trips will only take place if there is a sufficient number of participants.

To book a trip by the light of the full moon departing from Poschiavo: call +41 81 288 54 54 or email:
To book departing from St. Moritz: call +41 81 288 56 40 or email:

All prices and timetables are subject to change. The general terms and conditions of carriage of the Rhaetian Railway company apply.

Films speak louder than words

Films speak louder than words

Moving pictures will put you even more in the mood to go on a trip by the light of the full moon: a journey through the moonlit night on board the Bernina Express is an unforgettable experience.