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Adrift with figures

Adrift with figures - Did you know?

On average, the Samedan weather station records at least 1 snow day a month – even in August! After all, every day with more than 1 millimetre of snowfall counts as a snow day. But that’s not all: in the very snowy winter 2000/2001 25 metres of snow were measured at the Ospizio Bernina! And how does the Rhaetian Railway still manage to get over the passes? Well, because on the Bernina Line, for example, the signals now have their own heating system. Winter sports fans on the other hand can’t get enough of the glorious white stuff. Almost 800 kilometres of cross-country ski runs are created for them in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. To ensure perfect conditions for the Engadin Skimarathon with almost 13,000 participants, 15 ski run vehicles from all over Upper Engadin are on the road for at least 7 hours to prepare the 42-kilometre ski run. The Rhaetian Railway uses more than 100 extra trains on the event day from 4 in the morning to ensure those taking part can get to their destination in comfort.