Window seat - independently

Window seat - independently -

Grüezi! Would you like us to help you up the ramp?
Martina Tomaschett: Yes please – it's a bit difficult.
Miguel Rodriguez: I can manage; I can push my wheelchair here.

But it does seem rather strenuous for both of you …
MT: That's why we have to rely on help. And I'm always happy when somebody offers spontaneously – otherwise I have to ask someone. I don't find that easy.

How wheelchair-friendly is RhB in general?
MR: The members of staff are always helpful and friendly.
MT: That's true – but there are a few things I would change. Constructional improvements at the stations would make travellers' lives much easier. But we do appreciate that this kind of thing costs a lot of money.

But the new ALLEGRA railcars are really practical for you, aren't they?
MR: Yes, they are really impressive. You can move around independently in them even with a wheelchair – even the loo is big enough.

What do you find most troublesome when using public transport?
MT: That we always have to let the railway company know 24 hours in advance. There's no chance of being spontaneous. And that would be nice …