Window seat - Guiding lines

Window seat - Guiding lines -

Good morning, can we help you to the door?
Thanks, but I can manage. I know my way round here at Landquart.

You can tell: you obviously have no trouble getting around yourself.
That's true, with the ground-level platforms and these guiding lines, I have no trouble finding my way around.

So what is most difficult about using public transport?
Stations without guiding lines are difficult; the only orientation I have is my stick and my dog. You've got to be flexible if you're blind because there is always something in the way.

Are you pleased when other passengers offer to help you?
Of course. I think it's great when people want to help – and I'm happy to accept help when I need it.

How accessible is RhB for the blind?
The new ALLEGRA railcars are quite good for the blind. The older cars are narrower, even in first class – sometimes the table is in the way there. It would be helpful to have the class written on the doors in Braille – that doesn't happen often.

And your dog likes being on trains?
Yes, she does. She loves everything that moves and travels.