Numbers on tour

Numbers on tour -

Each year, an RhB engine driver covers up to 50,000 kilometre.

The train guards travel even further: covering more than 57,000 kilometres a year.

The Chur – Arosa linesmen do not notch up quite such a high figure, only covering some 500 kilometres a year – however, they do so on foot!

And train guards also walk respectable distances when carrying out checks and inspections: that's between 6.5 and 8.5 kilometres per day.

On average, an RhB locomotive covers 125,800 kilometres a year; during the same period a standard carriage travels 98,500 kilometres – while the panoramic cars of the Glacier Express take things a little easier, covering 38,250 kilometres per year.

With 3,860 kilometres under their belt each year, the Crocodile engines have a comparatively easy time of it.

And the old steam engines? They just have to fire up their old boilers now and again and travel 272 kilometres a year.