Clà Ferrovia? Marius Tschirky!

Clà Ferrovia? Marius Tschirky! -

He is the RhB railway pirate: Clà Ferrovia. An adventurer who travels in his carriage through a mystical world full of fairies and gnomes and who likes to accompany small guests on his adventurous travels. But who is Clà Ferrovia in real life? 38-year old Marius Tschirky is a musician, kindergarten and nature studies teacher.

The journey through the Canadian virgin forest made a lasting impression upon St. Gallen-born Marius Tschirky: it made him more determined than ever to follow his goal of becoming a nature studies teacher. As a co-founder of "Waldkinder St. Gallen" he was involved in 1998 in drafting the educational concept for the first forest kindergarten and school. In 2011 he launched his own nature studies teaching project in the Appenzell region: Sonnwendlig. There, together with his wife Gina, he runs a forest play group as well as various courses, including for adults interested in working with children in natural surroundings. But what is nature education? According to Tschirky "nature has no particular educational effect in itself. The aim is to enable the children to familiarise themselves with nature, and in turn with themselves, as in reality we are all part of nature. Children will then develop into self-assured, social and strong individuals who are happy with themselves. From this rich breeding ground other important educational segments are able to flourish." In addition to his courses and lectures as a nature teacher Marius Tschir­ky is currently occupied as a musician, producer and author of children's stories: the preparation of a music book for his forest songs, various advertising jingles plus concerts and productions with his children's music band "Marius & die Jagdkapelle" keep him busy. /