Window seat: Ursin Ulber

Window seat: Ursin Ulber -

"You see nature close up from an open-top carriage!"
Ursin Ulber, 9, enjoys the tripin the Albula experience train.


Hi, do you mind if we sit next to you
 for a moment?
The seat next to me is taken, but the one opposite is free.

Are you travelling with your dad today?
No, I'm travelling with my godfather. He works for the RhB.

How do you like travelling on an
 open-top carriage?
It's great! The wind is nice and cool – and you get a much better view of nature, up really close, because there are no windows and an open roof.

Do you often travel by train?
Yes, I do, to lots of different places. Sometimes we go on trips where we travel by train.

And what do you like about train travel?
Erm … I like being able to see so much countryside.

Do you think you might become a train driver when you grow up?
Yes, perhaps … But maybe I would like to be a lorry driver instead. That gives you the chance to control a massive vehicle, too. I think I would like that.

Would you happen to know: Which is the highest Rhaetian Railway bridge?
Yes I would, because I've actually just learnt about that! It's the Wiesner Viaduct, and I think it has a height of 89 metres.

Window seat: Mario Lubina

Window seat: Mario Lubina

"The trip through the Vereina saves time – between eight and twelve hours a week."