Window seat: Mario Lubina

Window seat: Mario Lubina -

"The trip through the Vereina saves time – between eight and twelve hours a week."
Mario Lubina from Lucerne, transporting food for Pistor for nearly four years.


Grüezi! Have you got a moment – or do you have to board?
No, we've got plenty of time – to be honest I'm happy to be able to stretch my legs a little.

Where are you going and how long
have you been on the road?
Today, I'm going from Rothenburg to Scuol and back. I've been on the road since five. After all, our customers in Engadin want to get fresh goods on time – in other words when people go out to buy bread at the baker's or want to enjoy the hotel breakfast buffet.

What are you carrying today?
Just about all the fresh goods you could need in hotels and catering: milk, cream, croissants, cheese and yoghurt.

And how much are you carrying?
I reckon about 20 tons.

Do you often travel through the Vereina?
Yes, sure. Once or twice a week.

And over the Flüela Pass?
Yes, but I only take the route over the pass if I really have to.

And what do you prefer?
Definitely going underneath. Especially since the 18 minutes in the tunnel also count as working time. (Gets in) Sorry, now I have to board.

Last question: How many tons of goods do you think are transported through the Vereina every year?
Oh, maybe 40,000 tons?

In fact it is 180,000 tons. Have a safe journey!

Window seat Ursin Ulber

Window seat Ursin Ulber

"You see nature close up from an open-top carriage!"