We proudly present

The watch boutique on wheels

The watch boutique on wheels - We proudly present

Shopping on board the train: the Panorama Bar of the Glacier Express is also a watch boutique! Passengers can acquire the TAG Heuer 'Aquaracer' here. The watch manufacturer designed this limited-edition timepiece exclusively for the Glacier Express.

The journey on board the slowest express train in the world from Zermatt to St. Moritz or vice versa takes around eight hours. But as we all know, time is relative – and during a trip on the Glacier Express with its impressive views, the journey itself is the destination. Nevertheless, the Glacier Express and TAG Heuer have teamed up to dedicate a whole coach to time: passengers can admire the ladies and gents 'Aquaracer Glacier Express Limited Edition' from TAG Heuer in a display case next to the Panorama Bar in the service coach and buy one directly from a member of the RhB train crew. "The partnership between the Glacier Express and TAG Heuer is a logical conclusion," says Christian Adam, General Manager for Switzerland at TAG Heuer. "Both companies convey the same Swiss values, which are of crucial importance to tourism in this country: the desire to deliver top quality and top performance as well as pure Swissness."

Synchronised timepieces are now a must for railway operations. But this wasn't always the case: back in the 19th century almost every place kept its own time. But for the railways, the different time-keeping systems were a nuisance. In 1884, at the International Meridian Conference, the world was divided up into 24 different time zones. The state railways in Germany decided to adopt 'Central European Time' (CET), which was then also introduced as standard time throughout the entire country in 1893. Switzerland followed in 1894.