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Off on an adventure with Clà Ferrovia

Off on an adventure with Clà Ferrovia - Good to know

Travelling through the Land of Colours

The old Crocodile engine huffs and puffs its way along the tracks, and everything shakes and rattles in the old coaches. Gesticulating wildly, telling loud stories, sometimes whispering secretly – and every now and again singing – Clà Ferrovia, the RhB children's conductor, spirits little ones away on his train to take part in one of his adventures. On the way to the land of adventure, there are gnomes, talking brown owls and wind spirits – who are particularly dear to Clà, he says. He is good at telling stories. Because Clà Ferrovia has already had many adventures and he has hundreds of stories to tell …

At the moment, Clà Ferrovia, together with songwriter Linard Bardill and lots of children, is busy trying to wake the stony eared owl. But we were lucky and managed to pin Clà down for a short interview, in spite of his itchy feet. And this is when he told us why he prefers the wind spirits to the gnomes …

Clà Ferrovia, where do you live?
In my train of course! When children come to visit me, I tidy up specially so they all have plenty of space. You are on the road a lot.

Which place on the RhB network do you like best? I particularly like the Wiesner Viaduct. I love being up at dizzy heights – and the viaduct is really high …

What is your favourite animal?
Oh, I like all animals. I've got train mice living in my coach. They keep me company on my journeys. I can attract them with my whistle – just as I do with stags and does. I'm always meeting animals on my travels through RhB country!

And who do you get on with better: the gnomes or the wind spirits?
Hmmm, the gnomes and I, we're not quite on the same wavelength – they are always so churlish! I much prefer talking to the wind spirits. They travel the world a lot, just like me. And that's why we've always got so much to tell each other. You must have had a lot of adventures.

Which one was the most adventurous?
Oh, I like all my adventures! But it is particularly exciting when I drive my train into a 'blonk' – one of those invisible time tunnels … Once I even ended up in an underwater world, now that was an amazing adventure! But I'll tell you more about that another time …

On the move with the RhB children's conductor

On the move with the RhB children's conductor

Today, Crocodile 414 is reserved for special trips and accompanies Clà Ferrovia back and forth on his adventures throughout Graubünden. What does that involve? Take a look at our video.

An adventure with Clà Ferrovia

About six times a year, Clà Ferrovia (Marius Tschirky from 'Marius & die Jagdkapelle') takes a trip with songwriter Linard Bardill. And where will they be going next? That's a secret … but it doesn't matter whether it is the Land of Flowers, Colours or Lights: you are bound to have an adventure with Clà! Maybe there will once again be some nice refreshments with drinks and pear bread? Maybe the little ones will be able to board the train again in the middle of the wood? And will Clà have his Crocodile engine or maybe the old steam engine with him next time? You will only know if you come on the