Freshly renovated

Ospizio Bernina and Alp Grüm

Ospizio Bernina and Alp Grüm - Freshly renovated

Following extensive conversion and renovation work, the two inns on the RhB's Bernina Line, Ospizio Bernina and Alp Grüm, now greet their guests with Alpine charm: dormitories and communal showers have given way to oak cladding and en-suite bathrooms.

For over a century, the Bernina Line has climbed up over Alp Grüm, a vantage point with far-reaching views: the panoramic vista that can be enjoyed from here is stunning. In the last two years, RhB has renovated the multi-functional building first designed by architect Nicolaus Hartmann in 1923. The aim was to retain the power of the original building, while at the same time reflecting its functionality and contemporary requirements. As well as a restaurant with amazing views, unique in terms of the panorama on offer and its accessibility by rail, ten new guest rooms have been created, each furnished in oak and fitted with its own bathroom.

The Ospizio Bernina is just as unique: it's a place where railway history coincides with modern double rooms. The pioneering achievements that led to the crossing of the Bernina Pass more than a hundred years ago provide the inspiration for the design of the four new guest rooms and the building as a whole.

A hands-on restaurateur: Primo Semadeni

A hands-on restaurateur: Primo Semadeni

His workplace is where others go on holiday, take time out or simply admire the scenery: Alp Grüm, the popular stopover on the Bernina Line between Pontresina and Tirano. And he also runs a second restaurant: the Ospizio Bernina station buffet right at the summit. The two establishments have been keeping Primo Sema­deni on his toes – for eight years now.