Window seat

Window seat -

"I’ve already covered the entire Rhaetian Railway network on my travels." Shep Sonstegard (23) from Minnesota in the US is en route from Bergün to Basel.

Hi, do you mind if we sit next to you for a moment?
Excuse me? I don’t understand.

Oh, you speak English. Where are you from?
From Minnesota, USA. That’s near the border with Canada.

And what brings you to Bergün, on board this RhB train?
I’m currently on a two-month trip around Switzerland and do all my travelling by train. My father and brother are here too, in Basel – that’s where I’m heading for right now, via Chur.

What did you do in Bergün?
I went snowboarding today. But I also came here once for the night sledging, that was really awesome! Switzerland is a really beautiful country – and the best way to enjoy the stunning views is on board a train.

What other places in Switzerland have you visited?
I’ve also been to St.Moritz, Davos and Laax – that is definitely where I had the biggest fun snowboarding!

So this isnʼt the first time you have travelled with the RhB ...
As a matter of fact, it isn’t. I think I’ve already covered the entire RhB network on my travels.

And what did you like best about your trips with the RhB?
That’s easy: the ride on the Glacier Express was fantastic! I would recommend it to every tourist who comes here.