Window seat

Window seat -

"That the RhB gets you to the top of the sledge run from Bergün to Preda is really practical." Anette Joos with her husband Ingo Geiselhart and two sons Lukas and Fabian. 

Grüezi! You are quite obviously kitted out to go sledging. Are you heading back up to Preda?
Yes, we’re just waiting for the train up to Preda. But our sledging adventure is over for the day.

And why are you making the trip back up to Preda again?
We’re staying there overnight. We’ve been here a few times before for sledging – this is our...fourth time.

Then you obviously like the sledge run from Preda to Bergün...
And how! It’s extra long – that’s really great. And the fact that we can travel back up to Preda as often as we like with the RhB one-day travelpass makes it particularly practical. But we don’t just come here for the toboggan run. We also like the whole area and all the small villages.

Do you understand the Swiss German dialect that is spoken in the villages here in Graubünden?
Our town, Weingarten in the south-west of Germany, is just over half an hour’s drive from Lake Constance and the Swiss border. And, as we mentioned, we come here a lot. Swiss German isn’t a problem for us – at least we can understand it...

So have you already travelled with the RhB many times on your previous visits here?
We travel by train a lot – even back home in Germany. On train trips with the Rhaetian Railway, however, the landscape is especially beautiful.