Three questions to the Head of Production Region West

Three questions to the Head of Production Region West -

Patricia Demarmels coordinates the transport for the Engadin Skimarathon in collaboration with the event organisers. A logistical challenge.

How many RhB employees are called out specially for the Engadin Skimarathon?
Just over 50 employees who would not normally be working put in a special shift on race day. They are involved in shunting activities, directing customers or in signal operations. Our staff always look forward to this event – it makes a nice change from their normal working day.

How many additional trains does the RhB make available to ensure this major event runs smoothly?
In 2013, we operated 25 additional trains on marathon day for participants and spectators. And the scheduled trains also make an additional stop at the specially set-up 'S-chanf Marathon' station.

And does transporting so many people always go smoothly?
On the day of the marathon, the RhB conveyed more than 12,000 people – that’s quite impressive. But we’ve got the hang of it. And, of course, we always have emergency plans. This year there was a problem with one of the engines, but our passengers didn’t notice this at all. On a big occasion like this, we usually run no more than one or two minutes behind schedule.