On the front line for the RhB

On the front line for the RhB -

Vinita Vasu is the face of the RhB in India. Based in Delhi, he has been taking care of the Indian market since January 2012. A major undertaking in a massive country.

Vinita Vasu, how do you pitch a Swiss trip on the Glacier Express to your fellow countrymen?
That’s not difficult because there is no other country in the world like Switzerland. The younger generation and families in particular love the country more than anything else.

And what kind of feedback do you get?
Virtually without exception, the guests are entranced by the breath-taking views – and unanimously feel that the Glacier Express is one of the best panoramic trains in the world. They also praise the warm welcome they receive as well as the friendly service they experience.

Do people in India feel that travelling on the Glacier Express is expensive?
Definitely, yes.

And what do they tell you about the Indian meals on board?
That does actually give us an important additional argument when selling trips as it shows that the RhB takes care of all details, including the culinary needs and wishes of its guests.

Apropos, what do you eat when you visit the headquarters in Chur?
No doubt about it, a genuine Graubünden barley soup is a must.

What impresses you most when you travel through our country?
I am always amazed at just how perfectly the public transport system works.

A considerable difference when you compare it to India?
Absolutely. We do have some amazing train journeys on offer. But the equipment you find on Swiss trains and the cleanliness on board are an experience in themselves. That’s true of India too, just at the opposite extreme (laughs).

And how would you describe the typical Indian guest or Swiss host?
Indian guests talk a lot, loudly, love the food and are very price sensitive. Swiss hosts are helpful, decent and very perceptive.