We proudly present

'C 2012': the oldest RhB third-class carriage

'C 2012': the oldest RhB third-class carriage - We proudly present

In 1889 it was still called 'C 32', in 1911 it was known as 'C 2012' and in 1940 'X 9034'. But during its long years of service, the historical third-class carriage experienced much more than a few renumberings. In 1994 the Rhaetian Railway sent the carriage into permanent retirement on the sidings. It took 'Club 1889' to bring the relic back to life. 

In 1989 the Rhaetian Railway celebrated its centenary. To mark the occasion, it brought its very first steam locomotive, the G 3/4 1 'Rhätia', back to Graubünden. However, the accompanying carriages were overlooked: a complete, authentic composition of two passenger cars and a luggage coach was languishing in obscurity, demoted to the status of service vehicle. In 1996 this fact spurred a few natives of Samedan, RhB employees and railway lovers to found the 'Club 1889' for the preservation of the RhB's historical vehicles. The aim: to restore the down-at-heel 'X 9034', which had served as an electrical workshop for years, to its former state as the 'C 2012' third-class carriage. No easy task, given that practically all the wood was rotten and the interior fittings had disappeared over the decades. For three long years 28 club members – young and not so young, professionals and laymen – worked on this reminder of railway history in the RhB's workshops in Samedan. It took 5,600 hours of work to painstakingly transform the former pile of scrap, before the faithfully reconstructed 'C 2012' finally stood on the RhB tracks. Since 1999 the oldest RhB carriage has been riding the rails of Graubünden once more as part of historical train compositions.