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A world of figures - Did you know?

Around 1,400 people work for the Rhaetian Railway in more than 200 different occupations: from railway track workers on the Bernina Line (or 'navvies' as they used to be known) to train guards on the slowest express train in the world to IT specialists. Alongside Swiss citizens, the RhB employs people from Albania, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal and Serbia – a veritable potpourri from 11 countries around the world. The average age is 45.8 years old – ranging from the 107 apprentices and trainees to the 12 pensioners who support the RhB as tour guides, for example. On the subject of helping out: in 2003, the umbrella association 'historic RhB' was founded for the preservation, restoration and maintenance, public display and operation of the RhB’s historic rolling stock. The umbrella organisation comprises six member associations – devoted to various aspects of railway history ranging from saloon cars to steam engines, narrow gauge and model railways to tourism – as well as the 'Bahnmuseum Albula Bergün' foundation. Its catalogue of the historic rolling stock currently includes 52 objects that it aims to preserve for future generations. In 2014, the RhB will celebrate its 125th anniversary: during all these years, 241 locomotives and trains have been travelling on the rail network, including 47 different types of engine – not counting service vehicles.