Three men, three cultures – three views?

Three men, three cultures – three views? -

Zuhause in Scuol, Poschiavo und Thusis: Wie sehr unterscheiden sich die drei Herren in ihren Ansichten? Finden Sie es raus.

My tip for the director:
Simon Rohner (Scuol): Where there are optimisations and standardisation, never lose an understanding of the special cultural features.
Dino Godenzi (Poschiavo): Look more towards the south.
Fabio Caderas (Thusis): You have to speak to one another – but Chur usually listens to me.

The most attractive place on the RhB network?
Simon Rohner: Alp Grüm – without a car.
Dino Godenzi: AlpGrüm.
Fabio Caderas: Arosa.

The craziest day of the year?
Simon Rohner: Festive days as well as Saturdays in February.
Dino Godenzi: 15 August – when all the Italians come.
Fabio Caderas: Mid-July to mid-August, when all the school pupils renew their GA (general season ticket).

I would like to emigrate to...
Simon Rohner: Austria (e.g. Kärnten) or Australia / New Zealand.
Dino Godenzi: If I had to: to Palermo. But I’d rather stay in Poschiavo.
Fabio Caderas: Greece – Rhodes, because of the sea and the heat.

I consider myself to be:
Simon Rohner: From Lower Engadine.
Dino Godenzi: From Poschiavo.
Fabio Caderas: From Domleschg.

My favourite food is:
Simon Rohner: Pizzocheri.
Dino Godenzi: Pizzocheri.
Fabio Caderas: Pizzocheri.

Bernina or Glacier Express?
Simon Rohner: Both are important but in my heart it is the Bernina Express, because it is the lifeblood of our region.
Dino Godenzi: Bernina Express – because I want to do something for the valley.
Fabio Caderas: Bernina Express, because it keeps all the money in the RhB coffers.

I would christen my engine with the name:
Simon Rohner: Engiadina.
Dino Godenzi: Diego Milito – after the striker from Inter Milan.
Fabio Caderas: Live Life Experience.

I would most like to extend:
Simon Rohner: Scuol – Mals.
Dino Godenzi: Poschiavo station.
Fabio Caderas: Thusis – Chur double tracks (as an alternative to the car).

My work motto:
Simon Rohner: Our RhB operates for the customers.
Dino Godenzi: Always be cheerful and helpful, even when you’re in a bad mood.
Fabio Caderas: I am nocturnal and therefore like to do the late shift.

My hobbies:
Simon Rohner: Biking.
Dino Godenzi: Watching football, Davos HCD hockey club.
Fabio Caderas: Weight training, biking, cowboys, going out with colleagues.

We people from Graubünden are...
Simon Rohner: ...sometimes stubborn, so-called “pig-headed” people.
Dino Godenzi: …true mountain people, who live on air and nature.
Fabio Caderas: ...a special crew.