The working “traditional dress” of RhB

The working “traditional dress” of RhB -

RhB employees also wear a type of traditional dress – the RhB uniforms.

The working “traditional dress” of RhB
Costumes are the traditional apparel of a specific region, a country or those who are part of an individual population or occupational group. The working costume, guild dress or official dress, which expresses membership of a particular occupational group, originates from the craft and municipal milieu, while the heritage of the folk costume comes from rural areas and represents a form of clothing that is typical of the region. A traditional costume is therefore a collection of clothing that is worn by a specific group, which gives differentiation from others professionally, regionally or socially. Today’s uniforms can also be viewed in this way as occupational traditional dress.

Eugen Cantieni, manager of train staff at RhB, was involved in creating the new uniforms for RhB staff in 2008.

Eugen Cantieni, what did the very first RhB uniform look like?
A long time ago, our uniform was black and looked strict and military. It was made from a coarse loden fabric and had a jacket with a stand-up collar. 25 years ago, the uniforms were blue and 15 years ago, it was no longer compulsory to wear a hat. At the end of the 1990s, we had a wide variety of uniform types of different colours and the combination options were also unclear.

What does today’s RhB uniform look like?
Today the image is more standardised once again; there are few items of clothing and fewer colours: red, white and black. The classic version includes a jacket, trousers, a skirt, a long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirt, as well as an elegant waistcoat. Besides this there are different jackets: a parka, a soft-shell jacket and a soft-shell waistcoat. Our staff can choose a belt, a tie a scarf, a woollen hat, a peaked cat and a guard’s bag as accessories.

Why do RhB employees wear a uniform?
The standardised appearance of our employees represents the visible image of our company identity. It is important to us to give an outward display of those elements that make up the company – for example, the self-confident red. Guards and station staff should be immediately identifiable by our passengers as contacts. These staff are representatives of RhB and we want them to make a modern and consistent impression. Professional apparel is also a sign of our regard for staff – and as far as we are aware, the work uniform is liked by employees as it is comfortable and modern.