Secret names

Secret names -

Among the best-kept secrets of RhB are the names to be given to the new multiple units. It is only at the official inauguration that will they be made known to the public.

3103 named Hortensia von Gugelberg
The mother of all four-part fast trains has a very special name: she has been named after Hortensia Gugelberg von Moos (*1659 in Maienfeld; † 2 July 1715 also in Maienfeld). She was a well-known Graubünden doctor, publisher, researcher and writer and was said to have been one of the first women to carry out a post mortem: on a deceased manservant, or so it has been told. Today, “Hortensia” is making history once again – railway history.

About Hortensia Gugelberg von Moos