Goat Peter as he was then

Goat Peter as he was then - Interview

Stefan Arpagaus from Graubünden, who was Goat Peter in the 1978 Heidi series – which was also made into a film – became a TV star. Today, the 45-year old lives in Einsiedeln, works for an international sports goods manufacturer, is happily married and has two sons.

Stefan Arpagaus, why do you think you were selected as Goat Peter back then out of more than 160 boys?
At home we had goats and my brothers and I were always in the mountain in summertime. This natural lifestyle surely helped.

Is there any experience at the time of filming that has particularly stayed in your memory?
There are many lovely memories... it was always great the way the granddad, Rene Deltgen, looked after me and Heidi – just like a real grandfather.

What does the Heidi series mean to you today? Do you still think about it at all?
This era always appeals to me because of the film. “Heidi” will always be part of my life.

Did you slip easily into other roles after the Heidi series?
No, I never wanted to be an actor. And I don’t miss the limelight. To go to stage school, I would have had to move to the city – and I never wanted to do that.