Window seat

En route with kids

En route with kids - Window seat

„The trick: in backwards, out backwards.“ Alexandra Disch-Guetg, 36 years old, from Chur, with Giulio (12 weeks old) on a discovery tour.

May we help you?
Thank you very much. That would be nice. I would be glad if you could block the doors for a moment.

Do we still have the classic gentleman who lends a hand?
In all honesty that is very infrequent on the street or on the bus. That is not the case with RhB. The train  guards are attentive. They definitely know how to transport a pram properly.

How do they do that?
There is a little trick: in backwards, out backwards. That is the most comfortable way. Then my son can continue to sleep peacefully.

Speaking of which, what disturbs your serenity?
If there is little time for getting in and out. As a mother one starts to flail about. Then the wheels will lock, one will get caught on something or underestimate the width of the pram.

Which child-friendly facilities would you like to see from RhB?
Sufficient space in push-pull trains for several prams. If for example a wheelchair user appears it can get rather cramped. I must say though that the new ALLEGRA railcars are perfectly equipped for this. And secondly, large windows so that my Giulio and other children can really gaze in amazement.

At what for example?
I definitely want to show him the Morteratsch Glacier and the Landwasser Viaduct when he is a bit older. He needs to see them.

So this means you will be giving your son a season ticket soon?
Definitely a BÜGA so that he can roam freely round the canton.