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As 1141 alias Alpine Classic Pullman

As 1141 alias Alpine Classic Pullman - We proudly present

There is more to the Alpine Classic Pullman than comfortable armchairs, sumptuous teak, brass and damask. The  Alpine Classic Pullman is part of railway history. The Rhaetian Railway is in possession of the four Pullman carriages As 1141 to 1144 from the nineteen thirties. These classics can still be seen on the tracks today from time to time.

The name says it all: George Mortimer Pullman, born in New York State on 3rd March 1831. The American inventor developed the comfortable „Pioneer“ sleeping car from 1858 onwards. The luxurious carriage cost more than five times as much as a standard railway carriage. Pullman was nevertheless able to make a breakthrough. He arranged for Abraham Lincoln’s body to be taken from Washington D.C. to Springfield in a Pullman sleeping car. Railway companies realigned bends and modified platforms to accommodate the Pioneer. The Rhaetian Railway’s Alpine Classic Pullman is not quite that old. The carriages captivate in the Art Deco style of the early 20th century. These witnesses of times past were restored in the correct style in conjunction with the association „Pro Salonwagen RhB“. Now the Pullman carriages travel between St. Moritz and Zermatt or Pontresina and Tirano. They are usually pulled by another classic: the famous „Crocodile“ locomotive.

Piano Bar

Piano Bar

Are you looking for a charter carriage? The four carriages with 32 seats each provide a perfect ambience for company excursions, birthday outings, customer events or wedding parties. Ideal for combination with other carriages like the Piano Bar for example.