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Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti - Famous names

Alberto Giacometti would have travelled on the „3510“. This is the number of the ALLEGRA railcar which is  dedicated to the honourable gentleman from Graubünden. Giacometti, who lived from 1901 to 1966, was one of  the most significant sculptors and painters of the 20th century in Switzerland. Every Swiss person knows his distinctive face; it adorns the 100-franc note.

Alberto Giacometti’s birthplace, the mountain village of Borgonovo in the Bergell Valley, saw the fi rst phase of  his successful artistic life. At the age of 18 he was drawn  to Geneva to study art. Giacometti fi nally took up    residence in Paris after various detours en route. He established his fi rst studio in the artistic metropolis. The man from Graubünden met renowned artists and lived through the Cubist, Surrealist and Modern eras.  Giacometti was hugely dedicated to his painting yet he mainly came to prominence thanks to his sculptures. In his sculptures he attempted to portray people or individual body parts at diff erent distances. His most famous works show very slim and tall fi gures, mainly made from metallic materials or plaster. Some of his most important works are housed in the Graubünden Art Museum in Chur.

Linked to home throughout his life
Alberto Giacometti may have spent the majority of his time living and working in Paris. However he kept  returning to his home in the Bergell Valley to visit his family and seek inspiration from the wonderful landscape and from nature. The first sculpted memorial to Giacometti is located on the Loëstrasse in Chur. It pays homage to the artist and makes the bend on the Loëstrasse into a place of remembrance. Exactly the same applies for the ALLEGRA railcar 3510: Here passengers feel a little bit closer to the great Swiss artist and „his“ Graubünden.