Reg. no. WR-S 3820

With a piano on board

With a piano on board - Reg. no. WR-S 3820

The bland-sounding „WR-S 3820“ actually conceals a piano, black leather armchairs, thick carpeting, a walnut bar-top and a coffee machine. This is the fleet number of the RhB’s Piano Bar carriage.

Riders on this nostalgic period car can sip a glass of Malanser wine or Churer Röteli, and nibble local delicacies at their green-soapstone tables, as a pianist gently peppers the rolling ambience with melodic jazz or swing.This stylish carriage bears witness to another of Graubünden’s tourist booms; that of the 1920s.

Built by the Schweizerische Waggonfabrik Company in 1928, our Piano Bar carriage originally operated as a saloon / dining car on what was then the Bernina Railway. It was then sold, before being reacquired by the Rhaetian Railway and converted, in the year 2000, into an exclusively saloon car. Ten years later, the association Pro Salonwagen RhB and the Rhaetian Railway jointly converted it into the Piano Bar, for chartering out as a carriage for special occasions. This exquisite piece of period rolling-stock now forms part of the Alpine Classic Pullman Express, on its nostalgic runs through the mountains of Graubünden.

Climb aboard and join in

Climb aboard and join in

Let the journey to your destination become a destination in its own right. Sipping an aperitif as the train rolls along really is a great way to finish a hard day’s work. With the nostalgic elegance of live piano music. Enjoy modern designer comfort, as you savour a freshly-mixed cocktail in an ambience of bygone times.

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