Via Albula/Bernina

Go hiking in HD

Go hiking in HD - Via Albula/Bernina

Experience the very best in Alpine hiking, from the comfort of your own living room. Our very own “ibexes”, Gian and Giachen, have been busy trying out and filming the trackside hiking routes of the Via Albula/Bernina. The result is a videoed reference resource that you can access in real time.

The hiking route along the Via Albula/Bernina, which covers a total length of 131 kilometres, runs mainly alongside the UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina landscapes. This allows hiking enthusiasts to experience a natural paradise that includes high-Alpine, Alpine and even subtropical zones, at their own pace – on foot or by rail, slowly or quickly, from north to south or vice versa. A series of 100 “info hotspots” provides you with information on everything worth seeing and knowing in each location. Spectacular attractions along the way include the 65-metre high Landwasser Viaduct and numerous Alpine lakes, such as Crap Alv or Lej Nair.

Never heard of HD hiking?

Never heard of HD hiking?

Then is definitely worth a visit.

For the first time, hiking enthusiasts – and of course anyone else who might be interested – can enjoy the virtual experience of a hike in HD and real time, thanks to the 100 “info hotspots” set up to provide information about selected attractions along the way. Currently available in German only.