Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

Puschlav spaghetti

Puschlav spaghetti - Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

At a full 43 centimetres in length, the super-spaghetti from the region of Puschlav is twice as long as any that you might find in a supermarket. Hand-made and air-dried, it is considered a true delicacy by many pasta fans. Its special feature: Its surface is much less smooth than that of conventional spaghetti. This means that pasta from the Puschlav region absorbs more sauce, resulting in a better flavour.

Recipe tip from the Hotel Albrici in Poschiavo
(For 4 persons)

Boil 400 grams of Poschiavo spaghetti in salted water, until it is al dente.

Cut 100 grams of Sciümüdin (full-fat soft cheese from the Puschlav region) into cubes

Remove the seeds from 200 grams of Ramato tomatoes, cut them into cubes, and add them to the spaghetti along with the cheese. Add fresh basil to the spaghetti, drizzle with olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper before serving. A light summer dish for the gourmet in you.

«When serving Puschlav spaghetti, we recommend a Prestigio; a hearty wine with a nutty flavour and a hint of vanilla, aged in oak barrels.»
Giovanni Triacca, wine grower
Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

The local specialities of Graubünden delight the gourmet’s palate. Take a little of our mountain canton home with you, with original recipes for Pizzoccheri noodles, Puschlaver spaghetti and our fine La Rösa cheese. The vintner’s tips for the right Veltlin wine will be available soon.