Albula Railway Museum

New home for the "Crocodile"

New home for the

Get on; join in: the Albula Railway Museum, in Bergün’s former armoury, takes visitors on a journey back through time with more than 400 exhibits from the history of the RhB.

From June 2012, the UNESCO-listed Albula Line will have yet another attraction – thanks to the Bergün Railway Museum (inauguration: 2nd June 2012). The 1,300 m2 of exhibits let you relive the history of the RhB. Visitors wander through valleys and tunnels, picking up interesting information on the pioneering days of the railway, complete with reconstructions of an original station and an inspection pit, and a conversation between a retired railwayman and a current train driver. The museum gives special pride of place to the people who created and now run the RhB, and it is busy amassing a collection of personal stories from archives, individual testimony, fragments of historical film, photographs, radio reports and newspaper articles. Visitors can also tell their stories, by sending to our website details of school trips, encounters with people on the railway or other unforgettable experiences involving the RhB.

Travellers through time become part of the museum experience. We invite visitors to take part in such activities as discussions about the line, making use of the museum’s own topography simulator, which forms part of a series of simulations that likewise ask for participation. Children are provided with their own way through the exhibits, with their own information and interesting tasks to perform: Budding civil engineers can practice putting up scaffolding using a model of the famous Solis Viaduct, while future stationmasters can try dealing with signal box and signals.

"The history and technical details of the RhB are just fascinating!"

Interview with Yves Broggi - chairs the foundation that runs the Albula Railway Museum.

Simulator: learn to drive a „Crocodile“
The museum’s main programme provides a series of enjoyable micro-moments. Attractions include the chance to see, on the actual rails, how a period train is put together. And visitors can climb onto the footplate of one of the last preserved locomotives of the RhB Ge 6/6 series, the „Crocodile“, to take a simulator-generated drive through the Albulatal. Our attention to retro detail naturally includes the museum’s catering facilities. The museum building houses, along with the exhibition areas, a buffet room equipped with genuine fittings and seating from various original dining cars and saloon carriages.