Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

La Rösa Cheese

La Rösa Cheese - Enjoy the “real” Graubünden

The historic traditional cheese dairy of La Rösa in Valposchiavo uses only the finest untreated goat’s milk. The animals spend their summers grazing on the Alpine meadows, and this is reflected in the flavour of the cheese.

The present owner’s grandfather learnt his trade in France, before coming home to pass on his secrets to the following generations of the family. The founder’s grandson continues with the fine old tradition of cheese-making at La Rösa. The goat’s milk is used to make a mild Chabis curd cheese or Ricotta, along with a delicious semi-hard cheese known as Tomme. After a hike through the Puschlav, nothing could be better than sitting down to enjoy a plate of delicious curd cheese and spicy goat’s-meat and pork Salami – all freshly made on the premises at La Rösa.

«A Sforzato San Domenico is ideal for accompanying any of the cheese dishes from La Rösa. This high-fruit-content wine retains its aroma of fresh grapes.»
Giovanni Triacca, wine grower
Prodotti di capra

Prodotti di capra

Would you like to know more about the day-to-day life of the goats of La Rösa? Then take a look at this video: