Railway Museum Albula

The history and technical details of the RhB are just fascinating.

The history and technical details of the RhB are just fascinating. - Railway Museum Albula

Yves Broggi (58) chairs the foundation that runs the Albula Railway Museum and collects important and historical items of railway memorabilia. Visitors can view the collection at the museum, which is very important to Yves, for several reasons.

Mr Broggi, how significant is the Albula Railway Museum to the region?
The Albula Railway Museum in Bergün is a very important tourist attraction and source of income. It is creating new jobs, as the number of tourist visitors increases – and once summer comes, the museum will ideally complement the historical trail Albula.

So what is that makes the Albula Railway Museum unique?
The museum's exhibits are designed to enchant visitors of all ages. As the history and technical details of the Rhaetian Railway are simply fascinating.

How important is the museum's „join in“ factor, which expressly asks visitors to participate?
We really want visitors to be able to take an active part in the experience. For example, they can try their hand at bringing a train to a safe stop with a simulated vacuum brake, and there are various other interactive digital and analogue exhibits designed to make the museum visit enjoyable for school groups.

Of the more than 400 exhibits, which one is your favourite?
There are many interesting exhibits, but the Crocodile locomotive simulator is sure to be a special attraction. Donations from former railwaymen and enthusiasts, such as models and items of memorabilia, are likewise on show to delight visitors of the museum.

What fascinates you most about the RhB?
The pioneering spirit of a century ago, and the RhB’s infrastructure as a whole is bound to impress anyone. The core parts of the line’s UNESCO status are the Landwasser Viaduct and the line between Bergün and Preda, with its series of winding tunnels. The RhB line is like an eco-museum with its own natural setting.