Priceless insights

Priceless insights - Power-play

Piotr Caviezel (38) is the RhB’s head of Swiss and international marketing. His enthusiasm for the Hockey Club Davos complements the RhB’s co-sponsorship. During the legendary Spengler Cup competition between Christmas and New Year, he plays host to visiting teams such as Spartak Moscow or 2011 Vitkovice Steel.

Mr Caviezel, how do you manage your day, when you are hosting a visiting team?
That depends on the match schedule. The three fixed items are training, team conferences and meals. My various jobs have to be fitted in around them. These include the organising of press conferences, transport, laundry services, daily meetings with team hosts, and so on. The high-points are the actual matches, which we get to watch from the touchline or changing room. I’m sure that there are many people who would pay for an insight like this.

As team host, you get a close-up view of teams from abroad. Are there any experiences that you could tell us about?
Yes, several, but one story stands out in particular. Just before the first 2010 match, with Spartak Moscow, I realised that the Russian coach, Andrej Jakowenko, had never even heard of HC Davos. I asked him if he would like me to give him a brief rundown of HCD’s best players. Mr Jakowenko commented, somewhat witheringly: „It’s only a Swiss team.“ This raised my hackles, and I explained to him, in a few words, the strengths of such Davos star players as Reto von Arx or Beat Forster. But he retorted with: „They’re only Swiss players“. Spartak lost 2-4 to HC Davos, and was left with virtually no chance of winning the competition. Reto von Arx had indeed triumphed, by scoring two goals and setting up the other two. After the match, Mr Jakowenko laughed and slapped me on the back, saying: „Piotr, I should have listened to what you were telling me about this von Arx guy!“

Have you formed any friendships with foreign players?
I had a really good personal relationship with certain members of the Spartak Moscow team. I also correspond by e-mail with both the Slovak star player Branko Radivojevic and Dominik Hasekzum from the Czech Republic, who is possibly the greatest goalkeeper of all time. Moscow is unfortunately not just around the corner; otherwise I would definitely have taken up the invitation of Mr Radivojevic & Co., and paid them a visit.

Which parts of your home canton of Graubünden do you show to visiting teams?
Not much time remains, after the matches, training sessions, breaks and media conferences, so we go for things that are close to hand, like a carriage ride through one of the valleys near Davos, a shopping trip to Chur on the Rhaetian Railway for wives and girlfriends, or a trip up one of the local mountains to admire the views. Ice-hockey world star Dominik Hasek has however assured me that he would really love to try out the Glacier Express.