Window seat

I like the company on board the train.

I like the company on board the train. - Window seat

May we sit down?
Of course, please do!

How often do you travel on the RhB?
Four times a week, twice a day, and sometimes at weekends, if I’m skiing.

Which part of the line do you use?
My neighbour drives me to Fideris in the morning, and I take the train to Chur, where I catch a bus that drops me off almost right in front of the office. I return to Chur in the evening on the RhB, before travelling on to Jenaz, where my boyfriend picks me up and takes me home.

What’s your favourite view from the train window?
The sight of the morning sun coming up behind the mountains. I get a great feeling when the sunlight shines through the window and warms my face.

What would you say if a tourist asked you to recommend a particular part of the RhB?
The part that runs through my home area, Prättigau, is always nice to travel on. It also has a lot to offer tourists, such as sledging on Fideriser Heubergen, or hiking along the smugglers’ paths on the Austrian border.

And what are your favourite on-board pastimes?
I like the company on board the train. Well women love to talk a lot, don’t they? I don’t feel like chatting first thing in the morning, but you’ll find me hard at it on the way back home (laughter). If I’m travelling alone, I like to read.

How many bridges are there on the RhB network? What do you reckon?
I think I recall being made to learn it in primary school, but that was a long time ago! I reckon there must be around 150.

There are 592.
Really? So many? Wow! I didn't guess that very well, did I?