A place in the sun

In balmy Arosa: sun terraces for soaking up the vitamin D

In balmy Arosa: sun terraces for soaking up the vitamin D - A place in the sun

The sun on Arosa’s coat of arms is not just for decoration. It stands for the sunny, high-altitude location of this resort in Schanfigg. We have listed seven of Arosa’s winter terraces; all with guaranteed vitamin D and from traditional to trendy.

Weisshorngipfel: Arosa’s highest terrace
Close to the sky, Arosa’s top terrace (2,653 metres high) offers panoramic views of 400 summits. You can also enjoy the local croissants, freshly-baked in Europe's highest- altitude bakery. Jürg Gadient, Weisshorn’s baker, also turns out a range of cakes, pastries and confectionery to make sunny relaxation on the observation platform even sweeter.

Tschuggenhütte: A trendy terrace in a winter-sports resort
Tschuggenhütte is Arosa’s top winter meeting-place. And no wonder: this snowy resort has a row of sun loungers stretching as far as the eye can see. 300 of them stand available for sun-worshipping skiers, snowboarders and walkers. The restaurants and bars of Tschuggend.rfli, which stands right behind this massive terrace, provide hot sustenance for the hungry – with anything from good fast food to Raclette. Partygoers come to the Kuhbar, where fun reigns until 7 pm.

Sattelhütte: Wind-protected relaxation
Doing things at a slower pace is now„in“. Arosa joins in with a whole mountain,declaring Brüggerhorn an area of relaxation. Peace and quiet is the trump card on these slopes. On Sattelhütte terrace (2,401 metres high), the wind-protected lounge is more laid-back than anywhere else. The massive armchairs are great for a nap, with relaxing herbal tea on the menu and fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.

Brüggerstuba: A place for all situations
This terrace located half-way up towards Weisshorn is also the place to choose whenever the sun fails to come out – thanks to the enclosed winter garden of Brüggerstuba. Skiers can fortify themselves with all manner of pasta dishes before venturing back out onto the slopes. For those who prefer to tarry a while, a party atmosphere can be found in the Sternenbar under the large canopy, with serves concoctions like Schneefl.ckli (caramel liqueur with a scoop of whipped cream).

Carmennahütte: For partygoers
Fun and partying are what Carmennahütte is about. The owners have even created a new cocktail, the „Munggapfupf“, for the barman to mix. Bands and other acts create a great outdoor ambience. Lovers of the good life can order local delicacies in the terrace restaurant with waiter service, or just sip hot chocolate as they relax on a sun lounger. A snowcat takes passengers from the Hotel Erzhorn to this favourite meeting point for skiers at 2,131 metres above sea level.

Hörnlihütte: A terrace not only for top skiers
At 2,513 metres above sea level, Steinhütte stands on the summit of Hörnli. Great views and fresh mountain air can be enjoyed all around this intimatelysized terrace. The name of Hörnli is reflected in certain local dishes (including, for example, one with mincemeat and tomato sauce, or a salad with local Wienerli sausage) served at your table or sun lounger. What’s more … Don’t be surprised at the number of talented skiers who are drawn to this place; Hörnlihütte also hosts the Arosa Skiing Club.

Sit Hütte: The local snowboarders’ headquarters
Snowboarders have turned Tschuggen into their local headquarters. Sit-Hütte, at 2,000 metres above sea level, is a place for jibbing in the Fun Park, or just chilling out in the lounge. Sustenance includes such delicacies as „Freeride Salad“, „MC Twist Burg’Air“ or „Homeboy Z’morge“, washed down with drinks bearing names like „Voodoo Coffee“ or „Holdrio“, with music to suit the hippest snowboarders.