A place in the sun

Terraces: A hikers’ resting-point well worth a visit

Terraces: A hikers’ resting-point well worth a visit - A place in the sun

A location that offers winter sunbathing for skiers and also a great place to relax in for summer hikers. Whether you are looking to party or just want peace and quiet, this really is your Place in the Sun. We offer some of the area’s best Alpine hiking, aided by a network of mountain huts.

Europe’s highest-altitude café and cake shop now has a new home (as of July 2012) in the Weisshorngipfel panoramic restaurant. The establishment offers uninterrupted 360° views of the location’s spectacular surroundings. The summit can be reached on foot via the hiking track, or by taking the conveniently-routed Arosa-Weisshorn cable car.

If you take the route from the summit of Weisshorngipfel to the LAW mid-point station that goes via Sattelhütte and Hauptichopf, you will eventually come to Tschuggenhütte. Facilities include loungers designed to let you take advantage of the many guaranteed hours of sunshine. The route then continues on to Innerarosa. The entire hike takes about two hours to complete.

The local pasta specialities of Brüggerstuba are great for sating your hunger after an invigorating hike. This mountain restaurant sits in the middle of a dense network of hiking paths.

Where an enchanted castle and everyone in it were once destroyed by a mighty storm. People say that you if you venture out onto Urdenalp at night, you can still hear their terrible wailing and mournful sighs. Gottlobstein, on the Carmenna Pass, was where two doomed lovers found their end. A walk along the legendary route that they followed lets you relive the age-old stories. The Arosa Tourism Office will be pleased to provide you with a hiking map that includes a collection of our local legends. Just head for Carmennahütte, if you want to relive them to the full.

Hörnlihütte is the place to enjoy hearty plate of Gehacktes und Hörnli meat and pasta after a hard days’ hiking or winter sports. The hiking route takes you from Hörnlistein in Innerarosa, past Hörnlihütte (at 2'513 m above sea level) at the foot of Tschirpen and the Parpaner Weisshorn. The path then leads you further uphill to Urdenfürggli (at 2'546 m above sea level) and via Alp Scharmoin (mid-point station of the Parpaner Rothorn), before continuing on to Valbella or Lenzerheide. The post bus carries hikers from Valbella/Lenzerheide to Chur. Finally, the RhB takes you back to Arosa. The entire hike takes about five hours to complete. The short version of the tour is also well worth following.

Are you already planning for the winter?

Are you already planning for the winter?

Then get in quick, and make your choice from our selection of winter-sun terraces.